Sunday, February 28, 2010

Top packaged Slutty foods are....

- Deep and Delicious McCain cake
- Pogos
- Those crackers that come in the same container as the spreadable processed cheese with the red plastic stick.
- Pillsbury crescent or dinner rolls. All sizes.
- Mae Wests and Joe Louis
- C Plus and Grape Fanta
- Kraft Dinner

Please send me your favourites.


  1. What about those Lunchables Stackers? The crackers, bologna and cheese, all cut in perfect circles ... Mmm, that is good stuff.

  2. All of the above (especially the crackers & "cheese") and Passion Flakies.

    By the way, Grape Fanta & vodka is a very good drink.

  3. The best way to eat those crackers and "cheese" is to just throw away the red stick and dip your cracker in the cheese :)

    How about "squeezable" cheese? I used to love that as a kid!