Sunday, February 28, 2010

Top packaged Slutty foods are....

- Deep and Delicious McCain cake
- Pogos
- Those crackers that come in the same container as the spreadable processed cheese with the red plastic stick.
- Pillsbury crescent or dinner rolls. All sizes.
- Mae Wests and Joe Louis
- C Plus and Grape Fanta
- Kraft Dinner

Please send me your favourites.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Don't let the brand name fool you....

Any form of Lipton side dish (particularly the creamy bacon carbonara) is slutty. How do they make dehydrated noodles and powder taste so delectable? The secret ingredient is simple: slutty. It's gotta be.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Slutty Breakfast Casserole

With ingredients like bacon, sour cream, mushroom soup, cheddar cheese and hash brown – is there any other word to describe this casserole but slutty? This is the recipe my friends always ask me to make – even for dinner. I got this recipe from Cooking Light – not sure what is Light about this recipe though…
Check it out here:

hmmmmmmmmmm McD's breakfast

I am off to get a McDonald’s breakfast combo. I can already taste the sluttiness of the hash brown melting in my mouth which will be washed down with some thick chocolate milk. PS – If you want to truly enjoy the sandwich, I highly recommend placing half the hash brown in the sandwich and saving the other half for ‘dessert’.

Sluttiest food ever

The sluttiest food I ever had was a Monte Christo sandwich in a small dive in the suburbs of Richmond, VA.
A grilled sandwich with slutty cheese (processed), white bread (sans nutrients) dipped in egg (ok some protein), all fried to gooey perfection. This slutty goodness sat next to a side of fries that made my hips scream “noooo”.

What is a slutty food? is a site dedicated to blogging about foods that are so delicious, so fatty, so wrong that they are called “Slutty”.

Thank you to Blair Klayman for coining the term.
Thank you to Laura Amantea for spreading the term and ensuring that all of our meals together are of the utmost sluttiness.